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We offer a comprehensive range of innovative services, from data governance dashboards to advanced traffic analytics, all designed to meet your needs specific areas in urban and data management, ensuring efficiency, security and sustainability.

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Centralize student analytical and behavioral information to make informed decisions. Use digital resources and collect researched terms to improve teaching. With in-depth analytics, guide educational improvements and monitor students' attention levels, promoting an effective learning environment.


Get access to comprehensive information about green areas, air quality and pollution levels caused by buildings and vehicles. We use cutting-edge technologies to collect real-time data from a variety of sources, such as environmental sensors, traffic monitoring systems and satellite imagery.


Care for your community's well-being and centralize data from a variety of sources, including electronic medical records, epidemiology reports, vaccination information, and communicable disease monitoring.


Centralize financial information, ensure the protection and integrity of transactions, promoting transparency in public management. With data from various sources, such as accounting records and tax information, it will be possible to strengthen the community's financial health.

Mobility Starter

Our data analytics platform is designed to optimize urban traffic control, maximizing the efficiency of operations. By seamlessly integrating with mapping and routing solutions like Waze, we offer a comprehensive approach to tackling urban traffic challenges. Through it, we provide instant access to a wide range of traffic-related information, both in real time and in historical records, enabling managers to carry out detailed analyzes for even more precise optimization of traffic management.

What's different?

Combining the sophistication of AI with real-time data, our Mobility Starter solution transforms the way cities manage and optimize traffic flow.

Uncovering urban complexities with in-depth analytics, our dynamic insights guide decision-making for more connected and resilient cities.

Our efficiency-focused approach reimagines urban management, creating faster, safer and more sustainable transport systems for everyone.

Go Data Intelligence

Our system integrates data and artificial intelligence to modernize urban management, providing a comprehensive and efficient approach. By consolidating information from multiple sources, such as traffic lights, public transport and municipal services, we help managers make more informed decisions to improve the city.

With a broad and detailed view of the city, our platform empowers managers to implement more effective strategies, promoting not only smarter urban management, but also improving the quality of public services and the quality of life of citizens.

What's different?

We use cutting-edge technology to anticipate mobility trends and patterns, allowing for more strategic and proactive decisions for more efficient urban traffic.

With our ability to provide real-time insights, we empower managers and decision-makers with accurate information at the right time, optimizing urban mobility like never before.

Through our deep data intelligence, we transform large volumes of information into strategic actions, paving the way for intelligent and adaptive urban management.

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Transform your vision of urban management.Connected to the way we experience our cities, 4 Smart Cloud is ready to transform your urban management vision.

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